These paper herbs is actually dependent on Konan’s chakra in order to maintain

These paper herbs is actually dependent on Konan’s chakra in order to maintain

Konan has been shown in order to produce and you may flex adequate report in order to copy the surroundings, allowing this lady and those away from the woman choosing to cover-up in Visit Your URL towns you to generally would not be able to. Konan’s preferred origami setting is actually vegetation; she wears one in the girl locks, provides a great bouquet to Naruto as an indication of peace, and you can discusses the bodies of Yahiko and you will Nagato included. Because the lady chakra accounts drop, this new herbs cure their function and you can fall apart.


When she is younger, Konan’s members of the family try killed from the Second Great Ninja Conflict. Left on her own, Konan sooner or later receive Yahiko therefore the two worked together with her to thrive. The 2 afterwards discovered a death Nagato and also the around three turned into very good family relations. These were after taught ninjutsu because of the Jiraiya, who remaining him or her themselves is actually confident they may bring care of on their own.

Years after, Konan along with her family fulfilled Tobi, posing because Madara Uchiha, and soon after Zetsu. Following, Konan, Nagato and you will Yahiko designed the latest Akatsuki and rapidly became recognized for its fuel and you may effectiveness, which have reports of its measures even getting Jiraiya. Hanzo, the first choice away from Amegakure, dreadful that they create overthrow your and you will hired Undetectable Leaf’s Danzo Shimura to fully capture Konan and you will force Nagato so that the girl die or kill Yahiko. Yet not, Yahiko alternatively slain himself to store Nagato the guilt. Nagato perform later on avenge Yahiko’s passing while the Serious pain. Being of the Nagato’s front side, Konan and you may Nagato allied on their own which have Obito, that would later on go by title Tobi. Once the Pain made themselves appear since a jesus into the Invisible Rain Village’s citizens, Konan try labeled by villagers because a keen angel.

Such as for instance the woman fellow Akatsuki members, Konan attends its group meetings but really says absolutely nothing from inside the conferences and you may securing traditions. Eventually, discovering that Jiraiya infiltrated the latest Hidden Rain Village, Konan faced and you can battled him up until Serious pain came into manage the former coach. After, Konan observed Serious pain through the his attack towards the Undetectable Leaf Community having purchase so you’re able to free no-one while the she interested Shino Aburame with his kin just before falling back when Aches is just about to devastate the fresh new town to help you their horror because it carry out impact Nagato’s fitness. Kept because of the Nagato’s front in the course of the brand new attack, Konan stood from the due to the fact Naruto confronts Nagato and you may is actually witnessed to the man, a fellow scholar of Jiraiya, persuading him or her that there surely is nevertheless a around the globe. Getting Nagato and Yahiko’s corpses, Konan says to Naruto their amount of time in new Akatsuki is more than and you will the newest Invisible Rain Community will help Naruto reach the peace she and her family members attempted to go.

Which have Nagato’s dying, Konan turned the brand new commander of Hidden Rain Village. But afterwards, learning away from Tobi sneaking for the community locate Nagato’s Rinnegan vision, Konan fights the latest manipulator to the level away from attempting a committing suicide assault that he seems to prevent. However, although Konan was able to surround Tobi that have 600 million paper bombs, towards rush long-lasting ten minutes to ensure he becomes deceased, the disguised ninja escapes harm utilising the Izanagi and you will stabs her which have a pipe. He then sufferers the lady so you can a good genjutsu to make their with the revealing the location off Nagato’s asleep put, having Konan lifeless once brand new genjutsu goes out.

Material Lee & Their Ninja Company

Konan appeared in this new chibi twist-out of Material Lee & Their Ninja Family. She appeared in Episode 38, near to that have Soreness, coming to its hide out. Just after Sasori brings up Lee so you can their, she starts to walking so you’re able to your. Deidara upcoming panics and you may says you to Konan is sensible which is not with ease conned. In lieu of harming Lee, she gave your a beneficial boquet out-of origami plant life because a present, but nonetheless will not faith him much like Itachi and you can Kisame. Afterwards immediately after Deidara accidentally bombs Sasori about face, Sasori tries to show your a lesson of the summoning his 3rd Kazekage however, eventually drags the woman, along with Kisame and you can Kakuzu, much in order to this lady outrage, ergo performing a battle. Later whenever Tobi and Zetsu turned up, Tobi admits the truth about Lee. Abreast of hearing so it, Konan, with the rest away from Akatsuki beat-up Deidara getting not sharing Lee was an excellent spy. In Episode 51, Sasuke communities with Akatsuki to help you ruin Konoha. Konan is seen on the Episode, alongside with Serious pain and you may Kakuzu attacking Cluster Asuma. The woman is afterwards found outdone.

Even with getting produced from papers, Jiraiya’s Flames Launch: Flames Round, which was motivated because of the oil, don’t also ruin their. The effectiveness of the fresh report symptoms can even overpower a flame attack. Konan was susceptible to petroleum-mainly based episodes, and this adhere their and keep the woman paper off unfolding, even if she’s not hampered with the exact same extent by water, as revealed whenever Aches had his summon play with Liquid Release: Criminal Bubble Trend for her to completely clean brand new oil from, as well as when she are assaulting up against Tobi on precipitation. Konan tends to make Report Clones you to definitely she can use to fight inside her lay. She you are going to cover up explosive tags included so they really carry out burst, and you can hook an adversary off guard. Konan’s greatest jutsu ‘s the Report Individual away from Goodness Technique, which can split up a big river. The strategy contains 1000 billion volatile labels that would burst to possess the full ten minutes, and therefore forced Tobi to utilize Izanagi to exist because his intangibility simply can last for five minutes.

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