VICTON Participants Character: VICTON Better Versions, VICTON Products VICTON (??) is actually a south Korean child group less than Ist Entertainment

VICTON Participants Character: VICTON Better Versions, VICTON Products VICTON (??) is actually a south Korean child group less than Ist Entertainment

The group contains 7 players: Seungwoo, Seungsik, Chan, Sejun, Hanse, Byungchan, and you can Subin

Stage Term: Seungsik (??) Birth Term: Kang Seung Sik (???) Position: Frontrunner, Main Performer Birthday: April 16, 1995 Zodiac Sign: Aries Top: 180 cm (5’11”) Weight: 65 kilogram (143 pounds) Blood-type: A great Nationality: Southern area Korean MBTI Type: ISFJ Associate Emoji: ??/?? Instagram:

If you find yourself dining together with her from the dormitory I would like to establish ‘this is why I live’

Seungsik Points: – He had been born inside the Gyeonggi Province, Southern Korea. – Seungsik are entitled new frontrunner of Victon whenever Seungwoo come generating that have X1. – Their moniker is actually Mommy. – Young people want to tease him. – Superstar he desires work on: Break. – Anything he or she is interested in: Composing, they are already understanding they detailed. – He dislikes cucumbers. – Their unique hobby try cleansing the place. ( Issue) – Their unique area: “Than the my personal head, I think my personal shoulder is a little part more substantial.” (in and you can healthy food. ( Issue) – His favorite color is black. – Seungsik snores a great deal. – He has got this new habit of awakening off bed unconsciously and you will start to walk, instead recalling what happened. – The guy really does the new ”filthy performs” together with unwanted tasks within VICTON. – To own Seungsik, his very glamorous feature was his eye look. – He has no a faith. – Things the guy does before asleep: Beauty, filling up drinking water towards an excellent humidifier, eating anything perfect for their mouth area. ( Issue) – His treasure: His studies journal, and he wrote everyday throughout the his training months. ( Issue) – Choices when he gets furious: “My body system gets firm. However, I recently sit however rather than convinced one thing.” ( Issue) – Their role model is B2ST’s Yang Yoseob. – Seungsik has had over the Commander status just after Seungwoo been their issues that have X1. – Seungsik’s finest particular: Woman exactly who attends college diligently. ( Issue) Reveal far more Seungsik fun points…

Phase Title: Seungwoo (??) Birth Title: Han Seung Woo (???) Position: Lead Rap artist, Lead Performer, Direct Performer Birthday celebration: December twenty four, 1994 Zodiac Indication: Capricorn Height: 184 cm (6’0?) Weight: 63 kilogram (139 weight) Blood-type: B Nationality: Southern Korean MBTI Type of: ISFJ Affiliate Emoji: ?? Instagram:

Seungwoo Things: – He was the original Leader out of Victon, but threw in the towel the position after X1‘s disbandment. – He had been born during the Busan, Southern Korea. – He has got dos old sisters, one of them is also common, Secret‘s Han Sunlight-hwa. – His nicknames are: Seunggu, SixPacks, Captain – The guy wanted to be a football member. – Anything he could be looking: creating, composing lyrics, BigBang, spending some time by yourself, studying – Their novel section would be the fact he is able to do anything by himself. He has actually restaurants alone, the guy in addition to went watching films by yourself. Actually animal meat meal and you may karaoke was possible. ( Issue) – Seungwoo possess step 3 tattoos: one to on the his shoulder (their birthday celebration during the Roman numerals), one-one their collarbone (“cannot lock me up”), plus one with the his inner sleeve (plants and you can crescent moon). – His unique talent is imitating the new sound out-of Pikachu. – He or she is good Buddhist. – The guy loves meats jerky. hornet vs grindr reddit ( Issue) – Seungwoo is the most powerful person in VICTON. – The guy wants to perform items by yourself (Eating, Exiting, Exercising and you may Strolling). – He enjoys beer. – Seungwoo can be imitate new sound off goats. – Seungwoo likes martial arts. – Their life priorities: 1. Himself 2. Their family and friends, the people up to your step three. Their future ( Issue) – If perhaps you were offered 3 wishes: “Unfold the long run whenever i need. Family members’ health. Myself having the improvements casual.” ( Issue) – Conclusion if you get mad: “Hold-back, restrain, and restrain. Absolutely hold back until the finish.” ( Issue) – Someone we wish to receive for the dormitory: “Family unit members. ” ( Issue) – The guy extremely hates pests and dirt. – Famous people the guy wants to focus on: G-Dragon, APink, Huhgak – Their part activities try Grams-Dragon and you can Taeyang. – Seungwoo was shown to be this new sports one out of the team. – Seungwoo and you can Byungchan was contestants to the Make X 101. – He finished Develop X 101 on the third Review and you may is region regarding X1. – For the he signed up regarding the armed forces. – Seungwoo’s top kind of: “Lady you to definitely my personal cardio visits without a doubt, even in the place of me personally knowing.” ( Issue) Want to know a little more about Seungwoo? Listed below are some his full profile…

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